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Hey there! I'm Fabiola, but you can just call me Fab.


I'm a Calligrapher and Stationer, and I'm the creative force behind LETTERALLY, specialising in wedding and event stationery. What sets our wedding stationery apart is our unique blend of timeless design and hand-written calligraphy, infused into every detail of your special day.

Calligraphy adds a touch of beauty and timelessness to everything it graces. Our stationery is designed with romance and timelessness in mind, reflecting your unique love story. With gorgeous colors and the romantic flair of calligraphy, our stationery will be the perfect complement to your wedding. We offer a range of personalised options, from names and addresses for mailing to colors and embellishments. We'll make sure every detail is just right!

Based in sunny Sydney, Australia, we work with brides from all across the country.

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