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Calligraphy Letter in Bottle

Make a bold statement with our unique calligraphy letter in a bottle. Each bottle has hand-lettered calligraphy letter inside and an optional engraved name on the surface to adding a personal touch to any event or gift.


The elegant script of the engraving on clear glass bottle create a timeless look that will be treasured for years to come.


Impress your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind item that will stand out from the rest. Order now and elevate your day with the sophisticated charm of calligraphy letter in a bottle.


What's included:
- Deckled edge indian handmade cotton paper
- Calligraphy Letter up to 100 words in several ink colour options
- Clear glass bottle with lid
- Silk ribbon with several colour options
- White baby breath preserved flowers
- Engraving name on the bottle (optional)


Paper Size: A5
Bottle Size: 6x20 cm


Please check our instagram account for any calligraphy portfolio / inspiration:


*The colours might be vary due to the lighting when taking the photos and videos.

Calligraphy Letter in Bottle

Silk Ribbon Colour
Ink Colour

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