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Calligraphy Letter

✨ About This item:

Looking for something personal and meaningful for your loved one? Make the moment unforgettable with a beautiful calligraphy letter that can also be a cherished keepsake of your special day.


✨ Calligraphy colours:

This is a Calligraphy Letter, expertly handmade and beautifully written with gold or black ink.


✨ Paper:

The letter is created on A4 size 200gsm card stock paper.


✨ Ribbon colours:

The letter includes a silk ribbon available in various colors. You can choose your preferred color.


✨ Variations:

We offer the option of receiving the letter in trifold or roll format. If you choose trifold, you can personalize the cover as well.


✨ Size:

A4: 100 words


✨ Have any questions?

Message us or email us at


✨ Calligraphy Portfolio and Inspiration:

For calligraphy portfolio and inspiration, visit our Instagram account:


✨ Note:

If you have more than 100 words, please message us and send us your words so we can check if they will fit on the A4 paper. *Colors may vary slightly due to lighting during photography and videography.

Calligraphy Letter

Ink Colour
Silk Ribbon Colour

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